Ulles - Pronounced OOH-less

Back in Uppsala now. It was nice to be with Mia's family for Christmas. They make this porridge called 'tomtegrot' that is basically rice boiled in milk, and it's freaking awesome. You eat it with cinnamon. Much better than the pasta and tuna fish I had last Christmas in that hostel in New Zealand. 
Last night we went to one of Mia's friends places in Enkoping, the small town near her families house. We brought two bottles of wine with us and it became immediately apparent that I would need to drink most of them by myself in order to not jump out the window. There were about 8 girls there, no guys, and they were playing the Spice Girls. Soon though, we started drinking snapps and I actually talked to a few of Mia's friends for quite a while, having surprisingly interesting conversations. Ryan would immediately fall in love with Ulles. For some reason I just think she looks like his type. And her name is Ulles (OOH-less). 
So I'm off to Prague soon. There has been a bunch of emails circulating around amongst the 23 other people in my class, and it seems like it's going to be an awesome mix of people. Most seem to be about my age, and about 75% are from the States. The other few are from the UK and Australia. One of the things I think I miss the most is not being able to have just a normal, American conversation in English that I can understand. It's amazing how nice it is to hear someone speaking English in town, and you can always immediately recognize it, even from afar. I am getting used to it here though, and having a blast finally back with Mia. It's been fun to see what it's like in her life after nearly a year with her not really knowing what her life is like. But I got lucky I guess, and it's pretty sweet.