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3. Tromso, Norway-Longyearbyen, Svalbard // 550nm & 14 Days // WAITLIST

$6,000 // 14 Days

This is the big one, off the deep end to the literal end of the earth, the farthest north you can sail before the pack ice. Isbjorn will earn her name on this way, as we go in search of polar bears and follow in the footsteps of the Arctic explorers in the farthest reaches of Norway. Isbjorn will live up to her name, searching for polars bears along the way!

We'll start in Tromso, about as far north as you can get on the European continent. Once the crew assembles aboard Isbjorn we'll do our standard orientation and safety briefing.

Special for this trip will be weapons training in Tromso - the Norwegian government in Svalbard - the 'Sysselman' - requires that you carry a high-caliber rifle on any shore excursions to defend against polar bears. While shooting a bear is obviously the last resort (we'll also carry flare guns and air horns to scare them off), if it comes to it, the crew need to know how to fire a gun! So we'll do this ashore in Tromso.

Magnus Svalbard 1.jpg

After setting the passage plan on the paper charts, and creating a whole host of contingencies, we'll set out for Svalbard in the wake of Amundsen and the Norwegian polar explorers. If the weather allows, we'll stop in to Bjornoya, about halfway to Longyearbyen. Our first stop in Svalbard is the main settlement at Longyearbyen on the big island of Spitsbergen, which is actually a requirement. If time and weather allows, once we've completed formalities, we'll head back out in search of secluded anchorages, glaciers and polar bears!

Be sure to check out my friend & host of the Husky Podcast, Magnus Ormestad's album from when he did a ski mountaineering trip to Svalbard last year. Some amazing photos of what's in store for us!

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