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1. Smögen (Sweden)-Orkney (Scotland) // 500 Miles // 2 Available


Join Isbjorn on the first leg of our voyage towards the Arctic and explore Sweden's 'best coast,' cross the north sea, and discover the remote, Viking-explored out-islands of Orkney, in Scotland.

This passage will have it all - cold weather, cold water, warm weather (when the sun pops out!), long days in the northern springtime, potential fog, tidal currents around Scotland, oil rigs in the North Sea, long-distance ocean sailing and exploring the Viking heritage in the Orkney's!

You'll join the boat in Smögen, a delightful summer town on one of the rugged islands on Sweden's gorgeous west coast. Hallberg-Rassy, who's yard is just to the south on the adjacent island of Orust, usually brings their new boats here for photo-ops as it's such a dramatically beautiful place. Orange, smooth-as-silk rocks line the treeless shoreline and myriad channels zig and zag between the skerries. The water, while cold, is deep, blue and crystal clear, with kelp forests growing along the steep cliffs and scallops, mussels and other shellfish ripe for the taking.

After a detailed orientation and safety briefing on Isbjorn, we'll make our passage plan and set a course direct for the Orkney Islands some 500 miles to the west, in Scotland, following the route of the Vikings.

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