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4. Svalbard (Longyearbyen)-Reykjavik, Iceland // 1300nm & 21 Days // WAITLIST

$6,000 // 21 Days

This passage is now fully crewed. To add your name to the waitlist, please email

Sail with Isbjorn as close as we'll get to Greenland this year as we make the BIG offshore passage, entirely in Arctic waters, from Svalbard south to Iceland (it's not often you'll get to say you sailed 'south' to Iceland!).

Believe it or not, it's actually pretty easy to get to Svalbard - once and still the literal end of the earth, they have daily flights from Norway in and out of the main settlement at Longyearbyen, which is how you'll get there to meet the boat. Once settled in aboard Isbjorn, we'll try and anchor out in one of the remote, beautiful and wild fjords that define Svalbard itself, and hopefully catch a glimpse of some polar bears or walrus or whales. We'll definitely see some ice!

Of course the sun will never set this far north in the summer, so we'll be able to depart for our trip south to Iceland at any time of day, once the weather is right. On the way, we'll be passing close by to Jan Mayen island, the big volcano that juts up out of the Arctic Ocean. You need special permission (and perfect weather) to land there, but if the conditions are right, we'll do it!

Our first planned stop on Iceland is in the West Fjords region, in a little town called Isafjordur. We'll clear customs here and explore the region ashore - this is where all the backcountry skiers come to climb the peaks and ski right down to the waters edge, and it's one of the most dramatic landscapes on Iceland.

Our last short leg will be around the west coast and south to the cosmopolitan capital at Reykjavik, where the nightlife is some of the best in Europe, and super cool restaurants, museums and music abounds. Flights back to the US and Europe are cheap and plentiful with WOW Air and Iceland's own Iceland Air. Other major carriers pass through here as well, so it'll be easy to get back home after the big adventure!

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