Sail Offshore on a Swan

"Sharing the wisdom of the high seas with those wise enough to seek it out."

S&S Swan 48

German Frers Swan 59

59º North Sailing offers those adventurous spirits out there the opportunity to crew & sail offshore on a long-distance ocean passage with Andy Schell & Mia Karlsson on one of two of sailing's most highly-respected ocean-sailing yachts, the classic S&S Swan 48 Isbjörn and our newest addition to the fleet, the German Frers-designed Swan 59 Ice Bear!

We set an ambitious schedule, sailing 10,000 miles per year, making landfall in ports from the Caribbean to the Arctic, Bermuda, Europe, Cuba, Canada & beyond. Normally the boat is sailed by Mia & Andy, plus 4-6 paying 'crew', depending on the boat, each with their own cozy sea bunk & who actively participate in all aspects of the voyage, from steering & navigating to foredeck work, weather analysis, cooking & cleaning and more. 

So if you've dreamed of seeing stars down to the horizon, if you yearn to lose sight of land for days on end, if you want to unplug from the world ashore, then join us for the offshore sailing adventure of a lifetime. 

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1st Celestial Workshop in Europe // September 2019

‘80º NORTH’ // Limited 1st Edition, Hardcover Book Ready to Ship

'80º North' // Arctic Photos & Stories Book

We’re printing a limited run of just 250 hand-numbered, hard-bound, special 1st Edition books, with a few special surprises inside from Andy, Mia & James at 59º North, and the s/v Delos crew of Brian, Karen, Brady, Alex & Kiril.

FULL WONKA! Surprise surprise...that little extra Sailing SV Delos something we teased in the 80 NORTH coffee table book is revealed today! Since we can’t ship 250 books around the world to sign them all, instead we printed 250, 6x9” postcards - using 4 different photos - that have been to James in the UK, Kiril in Vietnam and Antigua for Brian, Karin, Brady, Alex, Mia & Andy to sign!

One card will be inserted into each book before shipping! AND best yet - ONE single postcard was signed in GOLD INK, to be inserted into book no. 80 of 250...we’ll randomly select one of the orders, and if you’re the lucky golden postcard holder, you’ll get a FREE 1-week passage on either ISBJÖRN or ICE BEAR with 59 NORTH, a $3,400 value! There’s still about 100 copies left to pre-order, so go get ‘em!

Can’t wait to see who will come sailing with us! Thanks to James Austrums Film and Media for coming up with the idea! Postcard photos include Texas Bar, Mega Iceberg en route to Iceland, Henningsvaer in Lofoten & ‘The Three ISBJÖRN’s’ from Svalbard!

Price includes shipping to USA (book currently in production, & will ship ~mid March). If you want to order in Internationally, there may be a small additional shipping charge, to be billed at time of shipping, but order as usual to reserve your copy!


Crew Offshore with Us!

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— T.E. Lawrence

Offshore Passage Route Schedule

Tradewinds, Caribbean & Newfy

Bermuda Race & North Atlantic

Somehow it is the [human’s] duty to put the best years of their life into work they don’t like in order that they may ‘retire’ and enjoy themselves as soon as they are too old to do so.
— Sterling Hayden, 'Wanderer'

You do not ask a tame seagull why it needs to disappear from time to time toward the open sea.
It goes, that’s all.
— Bernard Moitsessier

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders... Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.
— Antoine de Saint Exupery

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