2020: Trans-Atlantic by 2 Routes.

Both ICEBEAR & ISBJORN will cross the Atlantic in 2020, but by different routes. Andy & Mia will pilot ICEBEAR north via Newfoundland and Ireland, retracing their first Atlantic crossing on ARCTURUS in 2011 and making landfall in Crookhaven. ISBJORN will sail via the ARC Europe route from the BVI-Bermuda-Azores and on to Scotland, which she sailed in 2017 en route to Sweden.

2020 Interactive Map // ISBJORN & ICEBEAR

Scroll by click-and-dragging the mouse along the map. Zoom using the map control buttons in the top right corner. Click on the route # for info on that passage. Click on the port names to bring up more info on each port. Note that the map shows ALL passages for BOTH boats.

Note that a few passages in 2020 will be in company with both ISBJORN & ICEBEAR sailing together. These are ‘tagged’ as ‘2-Boat Passage’ and will be run just like any other trip, but in company with the crews from both boats! You’ll get to meet at the start and end of passages, we’ll stay in communication at sea on SSB radio when possible, and we’ll do joint safety & weather briefings shoreside before each passage.

2020 ICEBEAR Passages

2020 ISBJORN Passages