You’re gonna need a bigger boat!
— Chief Brody // JAWS

Big news! We got a Swan 59! Starting in February 2019, 59 North Sailing will be operating both Isbjorn, our beloved Swan 48, and Ice Bear, our new-to-us German Frers-designed Swan 59! There's lots more to this story of course, which Andy will be telling on the podcast, but for now note that the passages below indicate whether it'll be sailed on Isbjorn or Ice Bear, or in a few cases BOTH boats, and who will aboard as skipper & mate. The new boat can take 6 crew, so we've added some spaces to previously sold out trips, and opened up the legs on which Isbjorn will sail in company with Ice Bear.

Note: Both ICEBEAR & ISBJORN will be sailing in company for passages #11 & #12 to finish out the year in 2019! Crews from both boats will get to meet at the start and end of passages, we’ll stay in communication at sea on SSB radio when possible, and we’ll do joint safety & weather briefings shoreside before each passage.

2019 ISBJORN Passages

2019 ICEBEAR Passages